A Clown Brings Joy, Smiles,
and Laughter to Our World.

"Let a clown but laugh and the whole house will giggle."
(H.R. Haweis - 1872)

It is said that man is the only animal that laughs.

Clowns down through the ages
have given the world something to laugh at - and someone to laugh with!

You might think we're just clowning around - but whether you like to make people laugh - or just like to laugh - AllAboutClowns.com will help you...

  • Discover the history of clowns
  • Learn how to become a clown
  • Find costumes and make-up information
  • Locate an "alley" in your area
  • Discover what an "alley" is!

...or simply revisit a joyful experience from your past by reading (or writing) about your favorite clown.

Is this really a site all about clowns?

Well, we hope that it will be when it grows up! But why all about clowns?

Abby-Normal & Sneakers McSilly
Suzie Coe
Jim Howle & Earl Chaney
Pockets & Twaddles

We - Sneakers McSilly, (Kevin) and Abby-Normal, (Dee Dee) - came across a great book of clown skits called Clown Act Omnibus by Wes McVicar but it was very old and the language was definately not how we speak today. It was missing some important clowning information, too, so we decided that since this book was in the public domain, we should update the language, add more information and republish it.

We spent months looking at literally hundreds of websites, forums and blogs, compiling information to rewrite the amazing Clown Skits & More..., which is available on this site as both an ebook and soft cover. It is also available through Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

During one of the very looooong days of research, Abby-Normal asked, in a very frustrated tone of voice, "Why can't there be just one site that is all about clowns?"

An idea...

We looked at each other and the Fantastic Idea was born: create a site called... All About Clowns! That way, other people who are looking for anything to do with clowns will be able to find it under one roof and - voila! - here you are!

The more this site evolves, the more we realize we are probably never going to be finished!

For example, we started a clown events directory that began with events in the United States but soon international events began to appear...

We also created a page to list clown alleys - but that very quickly became a multi-page directory!

Another idea...

Then the Brilliant Idea took form. We realized that we could never accomplish all we would like to do with this site alone, especially since our subject matter is clowns - who are also magicians, jugglers, ventriloquists, puppeteers, balloon artists, face & body painters and so much more, who tend to gather at circuses, carnivals, parties, community events, restaurants, parades and so very much more!

We were thrilled to find out about a year-long open air circus in Geneva Switzerland where, in 2010, hundreds of different performers and groups all came together to put on magnificent shows!

Since this is a site for, by, and about clowns, we need you clowns to help us out! If there is something you would like to see on our site, please let us know by using the Contact Us form on the About Us page.

Better yet, the Brilliant Idea is to have our valuable guests, (why, yes, that does mean you!), contribute to this site. In several areas we have added submission forms for our valued guests to add their own content directly on our site.

It's your turn!

I cannot tell you how many times I have been to someone's website and thought to myself, "Self, they should have this information... right here." You, too? Well, this is your opportunity to contribute!

We want our visitors to contribute stories, favorite memories, clown related events, groups, and anything else you (and others) might find valuable to the AllAboutClowns.com site. There are forms on the Favorite Clown page and the Famous Clowns page where you can actually write an article that will become an entire page on this site! Please be sure to write enough information to make it interesting to others. Add pictures - and don't forget to leave your name so we can give you credit!

Yes, it's also still our turn!

Sneakers McSilly and Abby-Normal are still adding some new pages and updating others to make this the best website related to the art of clowning. We encourage you to "like" our website by clicking on a Facebook Like button on any page you like, haha! you like that one :) and also to bookmark our site and come back often. Remember, this site grows and changes weekly, so we welcome you and your contributions.

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