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Sneakers McSilly in Auguste Clown Make-Up

Kevin Andrews - All About Clowns

Want to know about us?
Kevin and Dee Dee met at church - what kind of clown
ends up marrying the preacher?
That's exactly what Kevin did!
Daisypath Anniversary tickers

All About Clowns - About Us - Kevin & Dee Dee

All About Clowns - About Us - Kevin & Spring All About Clowns - About Us - Kevin reading to Spring

Kevin plays many roles in our family but his favorite is being Daddy. I think that's because he plays with our daughter and he gets to act HER age!

Kevin has always "clowned around;" he loves to be silly and make people laugh - especially our little girl.

If outrageous apparel is any indication, Kevin has been a clown for a long time, he just didn't know it!
(Just ask anyone who has ever seen him dress himself!)

All About Clowns - About Us - Kevin as a Pilgrim

All About Clowns - About Us - Superman

But it doesn't matter what kind of clown he is,
Kevin is always our Superman!

All About Clowns - About Us - Clown Girl

Then there is Miss Sprinkle.
She's been quite a clown herself, loving to be
the center of attention and making us laugh with her antics.
Next thing you know, she'll be wearing a wig and make-up!

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