Auguste Clown Make-Up

The Auguste is an odd, eccentric character and,
therefore, has the most comical face.

Kevin Andrews 'Sneakers McSilly'
"Sneakers McSilly"

Base color for this clown type is a variation of pink, red, or tan instead of white. Features are exaggerated in size, with eye area extending up onto the forehead and the mouth area onto the chin and cheeks. The mouth (the muzzle) is usually thickly outlined with white, as are the eyes.

Traditional colors for facial features are red and black, although today's clown uses many other colors. In clown competitions, however, only traditional colors are used. The following directions for applying clown makeup are for a traditional Auguste appearance.

Apply the White

  • Using a paint pencil draw the desired shape around the eyes and mouth (muzzle). Use a tall, oval shape rather than circles around your eyes. The goal is to accent your features and give a happy appearance. Fill in these areas with white. Using your fingertips or a sponge, pat smooth to remove any wrinkles.

  • Use a cotton swab to "cut out" (remove) the area for your mouth within the muzzle. Leave the white on the upper lip. Place circles at the very upper corners of your mouth. This will make you appear to be smiling - even when you're not!

If you will not be blending any other colors into your white, you can use powder to "set” the white now. If you will be blending the fleshtone or accent colors into the white, then wait until the end to set all colors together.

Apply the Fleshtone

  • Apply your chosen fleshtone color in the same manner as the white, covering all of the remaining areas of your face. Try to get very close to the edges of the white. If you want to blend the fleshtone and white you can use your finger, a stipple sponge, or a makeup sponge.

Apply the Features

  • Fill in your mouth with red or black - red being the most popular color. Some black is suggested for clowns who perform at a distance. An Auguste clown will have only white on the upper lip.

  • Using a black paint pencil, draw in your eyebrow near the top or the middle of the white area above the eye. Outline your eyes with the black and add any other highlights you have chosen. Studying various pictures of Auguste clowns will help you choose your unique make-up style.

  • Once your paint colors are complete, powder to "set" the makeup. See theSetting Make-Uppage. You may add a powder blush if you choose.

  • Mascara or false eyelashes will help to open up and finish the look of your eyes.

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