by Tom Holbrook

"The Bozo Chronicles"


Famous Bozo "The Capitol Clown" is turning 64!' Originally created by Alan W. Livingston for Capitol Records with kiddie photo album “Bozo at the Circus” released in October 1946, a new book entitled "The Bozo Chronicles" celebrates his origin and history for his worldwide fans.

How do you pay tribute to Bozo ‘The Capitol Clown,’ a character who has entertained millions if not billions of fans around the world? The answer: you start at the beginning, because the beginning is the best place to start. The Bozo Chronicles is a detailed timeline documenting the origin and development of the original Bozo the Clown into a world famous icon. According to the books' forward by Bozo creator Alan Livingston, "‘Official Bozologist’ and author Tom Holbrook ... has collected together for the first time, the true story of Bozo’s beginnings,” within its six-hundred-plus photo-packed pages.

This book is your ticket for a circus celebration to toast Bozo’s birth. His original records released by Capitol (1946-1956) starred the multi-talented Disney voice actor (from Jacksonville, Oregon) Pinto Colvig and were filled with authentic-style circus music composed and conducted by the great Billy May. Children loved these “Record Readers” (record and book combinations) so much they sold into the millions topping the charts. Bozo’s early recordings were so popular that he soon became the first clown to make the jump into the "little theatre" (TV) screen; in January of 1949 on KTTV TV in Los Angeles “Bozo’s Circus” was on the air. The original character gained so much fame that Capitol had soon licensed a tent full of “Capitol Clown” toys and collectibles, framed more shows including a Bozo TV pilot, booked guest spots for their new star clown on radio, arranged live performances with The Ice Capades skating touring extravaganza, and circus gigs, including the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey combined railroad shows. A talented clarinet player, Pinto Colvig as Bozo “The Capitol Clown” jammed with bandleader/musician/comic/radio personality Jerry Colonna, horsed around with Capitol recording artist singing cowboy Tex Ritter, and starred in a major motion picture about the newly-famed clown that toured around world.

Every page within The Bozo Chronicles pays tribute, presents interesting historical facts and so much valuable information, it is easy to see that the decade of work to create this book could only be accomplished with much love for the character. To research the project author Tom Holbrook went directly to the sources. You will be there from "day one" to learn the origin, creation and history of everyone’s favorite clown. Through articles, interviews and Bios you will meet Bozo “The Capitol Clown's” creator and many contributors, including character actors, voice artists, illustrators, musicians, and others involved with Bozo’s original years at Capitol Records. With over one thousand four hundred vintage images, readers will tour the original Bozo “The Capitol Clown's” history as it happened.

Bozo “The Capitol Clown” made thousands of appearances around the globe, and in many publications is seen partying with the Hollywood stars and their children. It has been said that Capitol’s Bozo the Clown helped build the legendary Capitol Records Tower building.

For the icing on the cake fans are treated to a complete record discography and forty-five pages of full color showcasing a decade of vintage collectibles. The Bozo Chronicles is part history book, part collector's guide and a treasure for fans, collectors and historians alike.

Yes, our pal Bozo is sixty-four years old this month, and to help us all feel young again The Bozo Chronicles pays tribute to the fact that he is a part of our youth that will never grow old. Bozo is a star among the stars, forever endeared in our hearts as our favorite clown.

Happy birthday Bozo!

Writer Tom Holbrook, the author and Bozo archivist, has spent a lifetime collecting and researching the origins behind this world famous icon. Gathering facts has led him directly to near-endless sources to learn Bozo “The Capitol Clown's” true history.

The Bozo Chronicles By Tom Holbrook and friends
605 pages
ISBN: 13,978-0-615-37874-9
$59.99 U.S.

Attention TV Media: (official web site).

Author is available for interviews.


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Bozo Clock by Abbott Ware
by: Tom Holbrook

If this clock is noted on the bottom as being made by Abbott Ware, I can,....
It was made in the 1950s of pot metal plated to look like brass. This electric clock has dials which turn to show the time. The sides of the clock carry a circus theme and the top of the clock features a nice bust of Bozo "The Capitol" Clown. It is kind of common yet is is hard to find. To date a few have hit the collectors market. It is a neat vintage collectible from Bozo's early years.

The clock is featured in my Book "The Bozo Chronicles." I would have an interest in the cvlock if you desire to part with it.

Tracy's Bozo clock
by: Anonymous

I'd like to know more about this clock and to see an image,...maybe I can give ya some additional info.

about a clock I own
by: Tracy

I have a Bozo the clock from Capitol Records. This was something my grandmother owned, it always fascinated me as I was a very young girl when she had this. can you tell me any thing about this clock? Anyone?

The Bozo Chronicles in Hardback!
by: Tom Holbrook

Dear All About Clowns!,
Your site is WONDERFUL! and has been a blessing for my book; "The Bozo Chronicles."

I wanted to let all of your fans know that "The Bozo Chronicles" (The Origin and History of "The Capitol Clown" 1946 to 1956) has been updated and expanded to over 635 pages!
Pre-orders are being taken right now for signed and numbered copies and anyone who mentions your fantastic site will receive 1/2 price shipping via Media Mail.

"The Bozo Chronicles" documents in timeline detail the true history of our pal Bozo and his early years at Capitol Records. With over 1400 (fourteen hundred) rare and unpublished images and 45 pages of full color photographs within its large 8" X 10.5" pages "The Bozo Chronicles" is a treasure for fans and collectors alike.

Folks who want to know more can check out the official Website at;

Thank you "All about Clowns" for being the greatest site for folks who like to clown around!

All the best to you.
Your pal,
Tom Holbrook
("The Bozologist")

P.S. I am currently planning a lecture tour to bring "The Bozo Chronicles" to fans with a tent full of collectibles and rare films not seen by the public in over 55 years!

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