Build Your Own Skit Props

Have you been wondering how to build your own
skit props? Well, here are some basic instructions
for simple props to use in your acts:

Slap-Sticks also refered to as Swat Sticks – These are used for comedy “paddling.” Being made of light wood, they produce a sound that is much worse than the hit. Young clowns should be instructed that the “seat” is the only permissible striking area as indiscriminate use could cause injury.

Two sticks—30 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1/4 inch thick—are screwed together at one end to form a handle. Approximately at the midpoint a 1/4 inch wedge is fastened to one slat so as to spread the open end. The ends clap together whenever an object is struck, making the slap audible from quite a distance.

Balsa wood, available at your local craft store, makes a light-weight slapstick.


Firecracker – Empty a 48-ounce fruit juice can by puncturing a hole in top center and small air hole at side. Remove label, rinse, drain and dry. Paint the can red. Use a heavy cord for the dynamite fuse, place it in center hole. You can write "TNT" or "Dynamite" on the side of the can with paint or an indelible marker.

Telephone – Don't be modern. An old-fashioned dummy phone has more character! This can be made up from spools, dowels, and scraps of wood. Paint it flat black and use a black cord. Remember, oversized props are funnier and easier for the audience to see!

You can build your own skit props! For more information on skits and skit props,
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