The Character Clown

The Character Clown is not a clown 'type' but can be any character the clown wishes to portray, made up in any of the three clown makeup types.

The First Character Clowns:

Character Clown - Yeehaw the Clown
The Character Clown:
YeeHaw the Cowboy Clown
The Tramp or Hobo Clown is an American invention, evolving out of the late 19th century when many tramps and hoboes rode the rails across the United States. Their faces were usually black from coal soot as it got all over them, sticking in their hair and beards. When they wiped their eyes and mouths, it revealed the 'white' skin underneath the dust. This became the makeup style for Hobo clowns.

The Happy Hobo and the Sad Tramp became the first 'character clowns' because they did not fit into the established clown types. Because Tramp/Hobo makeup is completely different from the Whiteface and Auguste styles, they came to be recognized as a third 'type' of clown.

Unlimited Character Possibilities

Character Clown - Kupcake the Clown
The Character Clown:
Kupcake the Clown
as Keystone Kop

The Keystone Kops became popular in the very early years of the 20th Century. A film series was created around these totally incompetent characters who made America laugh with slapstick comedy. This character has remained popular with clowns throughout the years.

Character Clown - Hippie Clown
The Character Clown:
Hippie Clown

Clowns can portray any 'character' that suits their personality and it is common to see clown doctors, cowboys, pirates, as well as different styles of police officers. But it doesn't stop there!

I have also seen chefs, astronauts, prisoners, and a hippie, among others!

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