Circus Music

Circus Music

Originally, Circus Music consisted of marches and other music styles written by various composers. In the twentieth century, however, conductors and other circus musicians began writing thier own music for performances.

Theme Songs

The various acts and even individual performers would have their own specific 'theme song.' When that particular song began, it was a cue for the performer and sometimes avid audience members would even know what act to expect, simply by the music playing.

Typical Songs


The following list comes from the album Circus Music From The Big Top - The Greatest Show On Earth by the Merle Evans Circus Band. It includes songs typically used by clowns and other circus and carnival performers as their theme songs.

  • Triumphal March - Used for grand entry
  • International Vaudville - Used for acrobats on high
  • Dusty Trombone - Used for music at intermission
  • Embossing the Emblem - Used for the performers on the tram
  • The Walking Frog - Used for performing seals
  • Gallito - Used in three rings for horses
  • Thunder and Lightning - Used for acrobats with feats of strength
  • Siamese Parade - Used while the jugglers perform
  • Valse Bleue - Used during the flying trapeze acts

Circus Spectacular!

Circus Spectacular

Standards on
the Calliope

Circus Calyope

Merle Evans directed the Circus Band for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus from 1919 to 1969.

There have been so many songs written over the years specifically written or arranged to accompany circus acts that it would be impossible to give you a good selection on one little page. Below you will find links to many of the most famous Circus Music.

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