Kentucky Clown Derby Classes 2009

Learning to improve your clowning skills is a big part of any convention and Saturday's Clown Derby classes were full of information and fun. Great information was presented for joeys and experienced clowns, alike: Puppets, magic, makeup, noses, balloon twisting... the list could go on!

Classes and instructors for 2009 included:

Kentucky Clown Derby - Clown with Balloons

Dean Cotton:
Beginning Juggling

Dave Risley:
Performing For Young Children
Hilarious Children's Routines
Storytelling with Puppets

Jim Howle:
Creating a New Look

DJ Ehlert:
Twisting for Cash
Wacky Restaurant Performing
Marketing Class for Clowns

Tom King:
Skits and Bits
Comedy Pocket Magic

Jeff Russ:
Building a Theme Show for Daycares, Libraries and Schools

Click the slideshow below to see some of Saturday's pictures.

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