The Clown Leaves Happiness
Where He Goes

What a happy statement for a clown to hear!

A clown leaves happiness... But let's look at the rest of the quote.

In his National Clown Week Proclamation, President Richard Nixon said, "In the folklore of the world is the persistent claim that the heart of a clown is sad, and that all the gladness he provokes is simply a facade for the pain he cannot reveal to the world. In the myth is the kernel of reason: the clown leaves happiness where he goes, and takes misery away with him."

Red Skelton Festival 2009
Quizzy, Spring & Sprinkles at the 2009 Red Skelton Tribute Festival in Vincennes, IN

Consider the clown who dresses in exaggerated clothing, wears make-up to exaggerate his facial features and usually paints on a smile. It has been proven that smiling at another person can (and usually does) cause them to smile, also. The smile on the other person's face is the clown's reward.

In a May interview by a popular New York magazine, Rosie the Clown from Canada answered the following question brilliantly:

What is your favorite part about being a clown?

"My favourite thing about being a clown is how open people are to being happy. It's like they're waiting for someone to remind them how happy they are. The clown suit softens interpersonal barriers and lets people enjoy being themselves."

Some clowns perform skits, others do magic tricks. A clown might make amazing creations from balloons or paint colorful designs on your face. All of these can bring happiness! And for a time - however short or long that period of time may be - the clown has taken some type of misery from the person with whom they have left the happiness.

If you haven't enjoyed being with yourself lately, perhaps it's time to interact with a clown?

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