Clown Movies

Have you been to any clown movies lately?

From the time Hollywood began filming moving pictures, there have been films about clowns. Most early clown movies revolved around a character who struggled with an experience that he's trying to forget or perhaps some type of emotional handicap, and the clown persona was a mask to hide the emotional pain. All humans do this at some time or other, only we usually just wear a smile rather than grease paint. These clown movies had a generally sad theme, while containing scenes that made you smile and even laugh.

The seventies brought about a new genre in clown movies that continues today: the evil, killer clown. What's amazing is that people who are frightened of clowns will go to see a movie that frightens them even more.

Here are just a few movies about clowns through the decades:

  • 1924: "He Who Gets Slapped," starring Lon Chaney
  • 1928: "Laugh, Clown, Laugh," starring Lon Chaney
  • 1930: "Behind the Makeup," starring William Powell
  • 1930: "Call of the Circus," starring Francis X. Bushman
  • 1934: "The Circus Clown," starring Joe E. Brown
  • 1952: "The Greatest Show on Earth," starring Betty Hutton, Cornell Wilde, Charlton Heston & Jimmy Stewart
  • 1971: "The Clowns," starring Mayo Morin
  • 1978: "Halloween," (and the sequels) starring Donald Pleasence & Jamie Lee Curtis
  • 1982: "Poltergeist," starring Craig T. Nelson & JoBeth Williams
  • 1988: "Killer Klowns from Outer Space," starring Grant Cramer
  • 1990: Stephen King's "It," starring Tim Curry
  • 1992: "Shakes the Clown," starring Bruce Baum
  • 1998: "Clown White," starring Saul Rubinek & Michael Ironside

More and more, people are losing the distinction between reality and fantasy.

Jason wearing a hockey mask in Halloween is not real!
It's okay to go to hockey games!

Evil clowns in movies are not real!
It's okay to watch clowns in parades, or circuses, or even birthday parties - they won't hurt you!

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