Clown Skits & More...

Clown Skits and More... is a compilation of classic and contemporary clown costumes, customs and characterizations.

Whew! Try to say that three times as quickly as you can!

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What are people saying about Clown Skits & More...?

“Kevin Andrews has taken Wes McVicar’s Clown Act Omnibus to another level by updating the language and adding missing information that many in the clowning industry are looking for.

It is a must-have for clowns, method actors, and entertainers of all types and is especially beneficial for churches, scouting and other youth organizations. Whether you want walk-around gags for a parade, a full-blown comedy program, or basic information about clowns, Clown Skits & More… meets the needs of beginner and experienced clowns alike.”

- Don “Doc” Berkoski,
Cloud 9 Clowns,
Smiles Unlimited
Universal Clown Ministry

Ray Merrick- Pastor "Thank you Brother for the book, it is well written and it has very good information in it".

I think what that means is this book includes just about everything under the clowning sun!

You'll find clown history and types, costumes and make-up, as well as skits, skits, and more skits! Did I mention over 200 skits?

The Topics Covered Include:

  • Historical Background
  • Clowning as an Art
  • Clown Alley
  • Clown Theme Song
  • Suggestions for the Clown
  • Pantomime
  • Clown Types, Costumes & Make-Up
  • Skit Props
  • Walk-Ons & Walk-Arounds
  • Skits for Walk-Ons & Walk-Arounds
  • Skits with Simple Equipment
  • Skits with Special Equipment

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