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Clowns in the News: Cool Beanz raises a clown banner and the American Flag to begin a ceremony that honored dead circus artists buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Forest Park. Photo by David Pierini

Historic 1918 Circus Train Wreck Remembered in Forest Park

By: Jean Lotus • • August 6, 2013

Men and women in colorful wigs and giant shoes gathered at a Forest Park cemetery, Aug. 4, to perform clowning and acrobatic acts. Clowns from around the region celebrated the 14th International Clown Week at the most famous final resting place for circus artists: Showman's Rest in Woodlawn Cemetery. Acrobats and jugglers performed in front of the section's five elephant statues, each with trunks lowered, depicting mourning.

Death and clowns: For some, perhaps, life's two most frightening concepts.

The group comes to Forest Park every year to honor the victims of the June 22, 1918 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus train wreck near Ivanhoe, Ind.

That summer night, a circus train carrying 400 performers and roustabouts on the way to Hammond, made an emergency stop at 4 a.m. to cool down overheated machinery. Red lights were turned on to warn approaching trains. But the engineer of an empty troop train had fallen asleep. The troop train hit the circus train at full speed, the collision destroying three cars full of sleeping circus people. Others were trapped in the wreckage when a fire broke out... Read more here.

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Clowns in the News: Kynisha Ducre (left) of McKinney, as "Daisy the Clown," and Aurora Krause of San Antonio, also known as "Bebop," shared a laugh while judging the Paradeability Competition during the Texas Clown Association convention at the Westin Hotel in Irving. Michael Mulvey/Special Contributor

Dozens Clown Around in Irving for Annual Convention

By: Ryan Osborne • • August 3, 2013

Andy Anderson was a service adviser at a car dealership in 1984 when he landed his first clown gig: a Father’s Day picnic at his church in Hurst.

“We pulled up in a van and threw the doors open and jumped out and scared half the kids to death,” Anderson said. “But even the ones we scared, they came to it after a while. We were just big kids to them.”

Anderson, 66, has been a clown ever since, traveling across the country to churches, festivals and birthday parties. He’s spent years refining his act, adding magic tricks and developing his character, “Smiley.”

Clowning is a passion for Anderson and his wife, Rhea, who were among the 136 clowns at... Read more here.

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Clowns in the News: Stephanie Williams / AGN MediaClown host Dean Kelley gets ready to perform in Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus' Fully Charged Gold Edition show in Amarillo Civic Center's Cal Farley Coliseum. Performances continue through Sunday.

Circus Show A Dream Come True for Many

By: Stephanie Williams • • August 1, 2013

Making the audience laugh and being a staple of the circus isn’t just a job for Dean Kelley, the clown host for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus’ Fully Charged show.

It’s a dream come true.

But how does a kid who dreamed of running away to the circus help put on the “Greatest show on Earth?”

“I saw my first Ringling Brothers show when I was 4, and there was just something about the clowns,” Kelley said. “They were just grown adults that were able to have fun. The audience loved them and I said I want to do that when I grow up.”

“My parents thought I would grow out of it, but I didn’t,” he said.

In 2002, Kelley auditioned for Ringling Brothers... Read more here.

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Clowns in the News: Smaxy and Squiggles have some fun during the Three Oaks Flag Day Parade.

Three Oaks Couple Loves Clowning Around

By: Matt Stefanski • • July 31, 2013

THREE OAKS — Before Cheryl and Tony Seal got married, Cheryl told Tony that they would have to do the three “Cs”: camping, canoeing and clowning.

For the past seven years, the Three Oaks couple has officially been known as clowns “Squiggles” (Tony) and “Smaxy” (Cheryl), although they’ll both admit to being clowns their whole lives.

“You know, I was born a clown, now I’m getting paid for it,” Tony said.

Cheryl’s fascination with clowns began at a young age when she went to the circus. Her daughter took a class about clowns when she was 12, and Cheryl, who works at a daycare center by day, was interested, so she decided to join.

First, they started doing birthday parties and family reunions, then a few years later, they started participating in parades. Nearly every weekend, Cheryl and Tony dress up as clowns and perform...

Story continues here.

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Clowns in the News: Harry Witt and Skylar Harrington show the balloon swans they made during clown class. CORRESPONDENT PHOTO:BETSY WILLIAMS

Sharing Secrets at Clowning Class

By: Betsy Williams • • July 25, 2013

Bringing smiles to young and old, a hobby has turned into a teaching experience for some Englewood clowns.

On Aug. 1, Clowns Like Us will be at the Elsie Quirk Library in Englewood from 11 a.m. to noon to present a table-to-table skills workshop for 5- to 11-year-olds and their parents. The event will mark the first of several during the National Clown Week celebration, which continues through Aug. 7.

"You are only as old as you want to be," said Barbara Waters-Riddle, 74, who is known as Nuzzles the clown.

Along with Harry Witt, known as Harry the Ridiculous, she leads Clowns Like Us classes at the Suncoast Auditorium behind the Englewood Community Hospital at 1 p.m. Saturdays. They share techniques learned over the years with people new to clowning.

For the session Saturday, Witt taught those attending the art of making balloon characters, an essential skill for most clowns who entertain children.

The youngest class member, 8-year-old Skylar Harrington, is one of the luckiest clowns around, said her grandmother, Bette Harrington, who is Peaches the Clown. Local clowns have taken the youngster under their wings to pass along tips and advice about clowning.

"Becoming a clown is awesome," Harrington said as she blew up a balloon during class. "You get to learn a lot of stuff and get to make people smile. That is the best."

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Clowns in the News: Clowns pose during a parade in the historical center of Guatemala City in the framework of the fifth Latin American Clown Congress. (Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images)

Fifth Annual Clown Convention

By: Denise Sanders • • July 23, 2013

Clowns from Mexico and Central America gather in Guatemala City for a parade starting the fifth annual Clowns’ Convention.

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Clowns in the News: A “sick” clown receiving a diagnosis from a kid who has the chance to be at the other end of the stethoscope.

'Hospital Clowns' Festival for Disabled Children

By: Eradzh Nidoev • • July 22, 2013

If you’ve ever visited a Russian state hospital for children, you understand how miserable, sad and pessimistic it can be to spend long periods of time there, especially through the eyes of a kid. But even the gloomiest hospital can seem to have a complete makeover if a hospital clown appears.

The “Ryzhy” family festival will be held next week in the Hermitage Garden. It was created by a Russian non-profit organization, “Hospital Clowns,” whose goal is purely to make children happy, believing laughter to play an important role in the road to recovery.

Although organized with disabled, developmentally disadvantaged and orphaned children in mind, kids both with and without disabilities will spend the whole day with 140 clowns...

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Clowns in the News: Slava Polunin in 'Slava's Snow Show'.

Up on Stage, the Absurdity of A Clown Brings the Cartoon to Life

By: Cameron Woodhead • • July 19, 2013

The greatest clowns are subversive creatures, walking contradictions. They embrace the sadness, even the horror, of life and transfigure it through absurdity. The combination of wonder tinged with menace might explain the trope of ''evil clowns'', common enough in an era that insists on the uncomplicated innocence of childhood. It is also why the magic of clowning flourishes in the presence of tyranny and death: think of King Lear's ''all-licensed Fool'', the paediatric wards of hospitals, or Charlie Chaplin's immortal parody of Hitler in The Great Dictator.

It is probably no accident that the world's most famous clown, Slava Polunin, was born in Soviet Russia. Or that he organised a parade of 800 mimes in Leningrad in 1982, when the Iron Curtain was still firmly in place.

If his school of physical clowning is visually immersive, packed with delightful surprises, and will have children in belly-laughs, it's also true that Slava's Snowshow has an undercurrent of poignancy, a grimness over which the big red noses and crazily long shoes invariably triumph, that can be interpreted by adults on a more sophisticated level...

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Clowns in the News: Claire Marcotte of Tyngsboro, also known as Cheerio, the clown, brings her sense of fun and balloon animals to nursing homes and care facilities.

Clown Dispenses Fun As Medicine

By: Marie Donovan • • July 16, 2013

TYNGSBORO - When she is dressed and made up as her alter ego, "Cheerio" the clown, one of the most important things Claire Marcotte does is to give comfort to her clients in elder day care facilities, hospitals or nursing homes.

"I went to Canada to take some classes on "caring clowning." You ask permission to come in and visit them. They have no control over anything, so by asking them permission, you're giving them a little bit of control," said Marcotte, who also visits cancer patients and others through Make-A-Wish.

Once she is invited into a room, she'll start her silly walking and talking, then maybe do a little magic trick, some face painting or twist a balloon into any number of shapes.

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Clowns in the News: My favorite clown with a joyous little girl during the pre-show.

The Circus is in Town. Hurrah?

By: Jay Weston • • July 15, 2013

I am a circus nut... have been all my life. Growing up in the small town of Beacon, New York, I can remember going to every one-ring circus which hit our town and parked itself in a field on the outskirts of the city.

When I grew up (yes I did) and became a movie producer, I spent many months trying to do a film about the Ringling Bros Clown School in Sarasota, Florida. I visited it and then rode on the train with the circus people to 'get background.' It never happened, much to my regret. (The clown school was founded in 1968 when new management realized that there were only 14 professional clowns in the circus and most were in their 50s)...

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Clowns in the News: Judy and Gary Kopff bring joy to the children of wounded veterans by dressing up as clowns, hoping to generate a bit of laughter amongst those going through a rough time.

Clowning Around for a Greater Purpose

By: Jeff Pegues • • July 13, 2013

(CBS News) WASHINGTON - A common question that consumes a lot of people in the nation's capital is what they might do for a living after their government jobs end. We've met some folks who found the answer in red noses and big feet.

Judy and Gary Kopff may be one of the few couples you will meet who don't mind when you call them a "couple" of clowns.

They've been dressing up like this for years. They don't get paid for the work they do.

"We hope to generate a little bit of laughter and giggles amongst the children," said Gary.

It all started while Judy worked as a Pentagon chief of staff organizing logistics for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She and Gary, a Fannie Mae executive, needed a way to live without something they wanted -- more than anything.

"In the mid 1980s, I did in vitro five times," said Judy. "I found out after the fifth invitro I could never bear or conceive children of my own.

They tried surrogacy and adoption. But when those options failed, they moved on. That kind of heartbreak led to moments like this one today: opportunities to bring smiles to the children of Wounded Warriors...

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Clowns in the News: Matthew Faint with his 'clown egg', which acts as a copyright of his individual make-up style

First Person:
Matthew Faint – ‘I run the clown egg register'

By: Jeremy Taylor • • July 12, 2013

I’ve been a clown for 43 years and help with an organisation called Clowns International, which was founded in 1946. One of our founders, Stan Bult, had a hobby painting the clown faces of members on to eggshells. It was just a pastime but the eggshells developed into a unique record of every performer who joined. Each face is different and the eggs now act as a copyright register for a clown’s personal make-up design...

Story continues at 'I run the clown egg register.'





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Clowns in the News: Cruise ship Carnival Spirit has sailed into Sydney Harbour sporting a giant red nose for charity. Source: AAP

A Red Nose Welcome in Sydney Harbour

By: AAP • • June 28, 2013

RED noses are usually reserved for clowns at kid's parties, but an enormous red nose has sailed into Sydney Harbour onboard a cruise ship.

The nose, seven metres in diameter, was worn by Carnival Spirit as she made her way to the Overseas Passenger Terminal on Friday morning.

It's reported to be the largest-ever red nose on a cruise ship and made a pretty picture on the dark and misty harbour.

Illuminated from within, the giant red "ball" was worn in support of Red Nose Day... Continue reading here:

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Clowns in the News: For a quarter century, Carol Crooks has transformed herself into CLaroL the Clown.

Clowning Around for 25 Years

By: Ted Shaw • • June 22, 2013

Holy crow, CLaroL’s 25!

CLaroL the Clown, aka Carol Crooks, has been making kids of all ages crack up for 25 years.

And she’s taking the celebration today to Devonshire Mall where Mayor Eddie Francis and his family will help by signing a giant greeting card.

Crooks, 46, has spent most of her adult life clowning around for a living. With up to 350 shows a year under her belt, it adds up to thousands of squealing, happy kids at birthday parties and a truckload of memories... Continue reading here:

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Clowns in the News: Billy Beck
Photo courtesy: Paul Zollo

Billy Beck, Character Actor & Clown, Dies at 86

By: Paul Zollo • • July 3, 2011

Billy Beck, one of the greatest of the great sad clowns, is gone. And an era is over.

He’s one of those guys you’ve seen in movies and TV for years and likely never knew his name. Most recently he appeared in the forgettable Zombie Strippers, but you’ve seen him in famous movies like Irma La Douce, The Fortune Cookie and Micki and Maude, as well as in hundreds of TV shows through the decades, including Bewitched, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Twilight Zone, The Monkees, E.R., and The King of Queens. He was a regular on several shows, including Lou Grant, playing the photo editor on several episodes, Falcon Crest (as Charles) and also on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, on which he made many return appearances as the quirky Lt. Trask.

But to many of us, he’ll be most fondly remembered as a sad clown, the character he invented in the streets of Paris in the 1940s and portrayed on the stage of the famed Cirque Medrano, along with Buster Keaton and other legendary sad clowns.

Read original article here:

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Clowns in the News:
Angelica Santander of
Barabbas Theatre Company.
Photograph: Bryan O'Brien

Go Kids

By: Bernice Harrison • • July 2, 2011

Up the Junction in Clonmel The children of Clonmel don’t have to be told that their 10-day festival is on. For months they have been working on the banners that decorate the main streets of the town. The festival goes on until July 10th and there are street performances, music, comedy and theatre in several venues around the town, with several special events for children.

The old Chadwicks building on Queen Street is the focal point for the festival and its Playlounge family space is a great pitstop for small children. Stuffed creatures, toys, giant toadstools – all have been designed and made by a team of enthusiastic seamstresses and aspiring and emerging artists.

There are several theatre shows specially for children, including Púca Puppets who are putting on a show at Chadwicks for small children called Stone Soup , while older children might prefer Barabbas Theatre Company’s City of Clowns...

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Clowns in the News:
Frederico Fellini - "I Clowns"

'The Clowns' Announced for Blu-Ray

By: Blue Ray News • • July 1, 2011

Federico Fellini's 1970 'I Clowns' is getting the Blu-ray treatment this September. In an early announcement to retailers, E1 Entertainment is getting ready to send in 'The Clowns' on Blu-ray on September 27.

Fellini's fascination with the circus and the surreal come to a head in one of his final masterpieces, 'The Clowns.' The film reflects Fellini's childhood obsession with clowns and begins with a young boy watching a circus set up from his bedroom window. Though comical and referred to as a "docu-comedy", this film explores deeper human conditions such as authority, poverty, humility and arrogance all of which manifest themselves through the characters of the clowns...

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Clowns in the News:
Ken “Dizzy the Clown” Gillespie puts a red clown nose on Zoe Sailor, Minot, a volunteer at the SRT Communications annual meeting in the State Fair Center in Minot.
Photograph: Eloise Ogden/MDN

"Dizzy" Is Grand Marshall

By: Eloise Ogden • • June 17, 2011

Many will have their chance to join in the clowning at the North Dakota State Fair Parade in Minot this year.

Ken "Dizzy the Clown" Gillespie wants people to have a lot of fun when he's the grand marshal of the parade on Saturday, July 23.

Before this year's parade begins that Saturday, local Boy Scout troops will be passing out 4,000 red noses to parade goers.

When Gillespie, as "Dizzy," passes by them on the parade route, he hopes parade goers will don their red noses and that it will bring big smiles to many faces....

Read more here:

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Clowns in the News:
Lewe the Clown, right, greets a youngster before the Cole Bros show on Sunday. Credit: Sonya Kimble-Ellis

The Circus Comes to Town

By: Sonya Kimble-Ellis • • May 30, 2011

Excited kids and their parents braved the heat Sunday afternoon to enjoy the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars at the Eisenhower Corporate Campus. Billed as the World’s Largest Circus Under the Big Top, the two-hour show featured an assortment of animals, high-flying acts, and clowns.

“When they come out to see the show, people can expect to see the greatest show on earth,” said Georgia-born Lewe Andrews, who is known as Lewe the Clown.

Andrews has been working with various circus shows since he was six. Now 19, Andrews is the Cole Bros. Circus Advance Clown. As the ambassador of good will, Lewe greets the youngsters before they go into the show and does much of the organization’s promotion.

“We’ve got lots of highlights,” he added. “There are the elephants, the flying trapeze, and cartoon poodles. Kids will love it!”

Read more at: The Circus Comes to Town

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Clowns in the News:
Members of the Andona Society dress up for a past Clown Town event. Credit Brendan Lewis

Clown Town Turns 55 This Week

By: Brendan Lewis • • May 18, 2011

For 55 years, Clown Town has been the Andona Society's major fund raiser. This year Andover residents will see a major change, said Leslie Burte, president.

Clown Town has extended its hours on Saturday and will now stay open until 9pm instead of closing at 4:30pm. "We made the change to give families a choice to come either night, and it gives us a chance to raise additional funds..."

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Clowns in the News:
Members of Saltimbanco, a Cirque du Soleil circus show.

Review: Saltimbanco

By: Patrick McDonald • • May 14, 2011

Many different shows by Canada's Cirque du Soleil have come and gone over the past decade, but Saltimbanco was the first to visit these shores and still sets the benchmark by which all circus acts are measured.

Some 12 years on, the essential structure and highlights of this show remain the same but elements continue to evolve, as dictated by the individual talents of the 50-odd performers who fill its ranks.

Saltimbanco takes its name from an Italian term for street performer, and the acts very much follow in that tradition...

Read original posting at Review: Saltimbanco

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Clowns in the News:
Emily Eichorn, 14, was judged best junior clown by the World Clown Association.

Glen Rock Teen clown Earns Top Honors in Competition

By: Evonne Coutros • • April 25, 2011

It's one of the most coveted international awards in the clown fashion and makeup industry, and a Glen Rock teen has walked away with the top honor.

Emily Eichorn, 14, a freshman at Glen Rock High School, took the prize in a makeup and costume competition for junior clowns at the World Clown Association annual convention in New York.

Emily faced nine other competitors, earning the highest score in the junior clown or "Junior Joey" category as clown persona Polk E. Dot.

Continue reading at Glen Rock teen clown earns top honors

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Clowns in the News:
Members of the Canadian Opera Company perform 'Cinderella'

Cinderella’s Fairy-tale Wedding Has Clowns in the Family

By: Robert Everett-Green • • April 24, 2011

Catalan director Joan Font has re-enchanted the story somewhat, enlisting six rats as physical comedians, and sending Cinderella off to the royal ball through a hearth that grows nearly as tall as the proscenium. It’s a bit like Lucy going through the wardrobe to Narnia.

Font and designer Joan Guillen have also jacked up the clownishness, directing and dressing the greedy Don Magnifico and his two preferred daughters so broadly that actual clown noses would not have been a stretch. These three were the epicentre of a colour storm so intense, the show (which included lighting by Albert Faura) might have been designed by Cyndi Lauper.

Continue reading at Cinderella's Fairy Tale Wedding

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Clowns in the News:
Clowns at The 2011 Clowns of America International Convention

Jest Clowning About

By: Staff Writer • • April 17, 2011

Some 200 painted faces, from all over the United States and from as far as Puerto Rico and Germany, gathered to compete in skits, and perfect their comedic art.

Laureen Meyers, a.k.a. Sweet Cheeks the Clown, 51, wore green hair, a multi-colored hat and a big ‘I Give Hugs’ button. She had a steady clowning business in Florida, but recently moved to California.

She came to the convention to network, to learn and to laugh. A lot.

“Clowning is a dying art,” she said...

Continue reading...

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Clowns in the News:
Tracy Dunn, Krystal Gordon and Joanne Pryor dressed up for the Commonwealth Bank dress up day.

Ronald McDonald (Still) Hearts Happy Meals

The red-haired clown tries to boost support for Happy Meals at another controversial time

By: Staff Writer • • April 8, 2011

Ronald McDonald had a rough couple of months last year.

In May, a group that pushed the death of Joe Camel urged the red-headed clown's demise in the name of childhood obesity.

In June, another group threatened to file a lawsuit against the Oak Brook-based chain, alleging that it "unfairly and deceptively" marketed the toys in Happy Meals to children.

McDonald's stood by their man, calling Ronald a "force for good" and an ambassador for the brand.


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Clowns in the News:
Tracy Dunn, Krystal Gordon and Joanne Pryor dressed up for the Commonwealth Bank dress up day.

Clowns Bring Smiles to Kids

By: Staff Writer • • April 5, 2011

You could be forgiven for calling the staff at the Commonwealth Bank on Bourbong St clowns – but only for one day.

On the first day of this month, staff at the branch dressed up in their best clown get-up to raise money for clown doctors.

“Every year, April is about raising funds for clown doctors through the Humour Foundation,” customer service manager Joanne Pryor said.

“Traditionally on April 1 we have Smile Day.”

Clown doctors are an important tool in brightening up the lives of sick children in hospital.

“Their job is to go to hospitals and get a smile on their faces,” Mrs Pryor said.


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Clowns in the News:
Medical clowns are used in hospitals all over the world and especially in Israel.

It's Not A Joke: Clowns Help IVF Patients Get Pregnant

By: Amy Graff • • Mar 31, 2011

Can laughter help women undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) get pregnant?

An Israeli study released early this year found that IVF patients were significantly more likely to conceive if they were entertained by a clown after the embryos were transferred to the uterus.

Study author Dr. Shevach Friedler told Reuters that laughter is a "natural anti-stress mechanism" and possibly IVF is more successful when a woman is relaxed.

Some 200 IVF patients participated in the study conducted by doctors at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center near Tel Aviv, Israel. Half of them were visited by a clown after their IVF treatment; the other half weren't.


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Clowns in the News:
Mind the hilarity index—and the giraffe outfits. Wouldn't you rather be looking at a clown dressed as a skunk?

The Physics Of: Clown Cars

By: John Pearley Huffman • • March 28, 2011

"It’s the most requested clown gag ever,” asserts Greg DeSanto. “Everyone wants to see a lot of clowns come out of a really small car.” Considering DeSanto’s position as the executive director of  the International Clown Hall of  Fame and Research Center in the consistently  hilarious burg of Baraboo, ­Wisconsin, this is an assertion that needs to be taken almost somewhat seriously.

“There’s no trick to the clown-car gag,” says DeSanto, who matriculated in the hallowed halls of  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and performed with the self-proclaimed “Greatest Show On Earth.” “There are no trap doors in stadium floors, and the cars are real cars.”


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Clowns in the News:
Aurora Krause, WCA President

Clowns Gather for New York Convention

By: WTAM Cleveland • • Mar 14, 2011

NEW YORK, March 14 (UPI) -- More than 200 clowns from around the world are gathering in New York for the World Clown Association's five-day convention, organizers said.

The convention, starting Monday at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel, features face-painting competition and lessons on balloon sculpture-making and honker-creation, the New York Daily News reported.

Organizers said about 30 clowns are slated to visit young and elderly patients at three city hospitals Wednesday.


clowns in the news
Clowns in the News: The Clowns

The Clowns (1970/2011)

By: John Sunier • • Mar 10, 2011

Not Fellini’s greatest film of course, but an intriguing visual essay on the Italian director’s obsessive fascination with the circus and clowns. It takes the form of a sort of pseudo documentary; in fact there are several scenes of the purported crew and Fellini himself telling them what to shoot. Instead of a narrative voiceover, or a talking head of a so-called expert explaining about the backgrounds of the various clowns, he has his purported glamourous script girl reading from his notes to the camera while various preparations go on around her to film some of the retired clowns.


clowns in the news
Clowns in the News: Discover the Joker
Inside You

Discover the Joker Inside You

By: Carla Guida Johnson • • Mar 5, 2011

Ever thought of a joke and cracked up? Or made absurd expressions at yourself in front of the mirror? Or broken into a jig while ambling along? That's the clown inside you wanting to break free.

While others may frown at your odd ways, clowning around in your day-to-day life is a great way to ease up. It helps bring down the façade of being busy and important that we all hide under. "Just let it go. Be like a clown and you'll see things in a positive light. Live in the moment and stop being selfconscious," recommends Argentinian clown theatre practitioner, Carla Guida Johnson.


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Clowns in the News: Caring Clowns International Executive Director Jed Selter, left, volunteers as Duffy the Clown locally and overseas. Selter manages CCI and its team of 30 clowns out of his home in Poulsbo, WA.

Caring Clowns Group Spreads Smiles Worldwide

By: Jennifer Morris • • Mar 4, 2011

In a Peruvian courtyard a woman wept, mourning the terminal diagnosis handed that day, like a cruel sentencing, to her 9-year-old child.

A clown peered from behind a pillar, catching the woman's eye. His eyebrows danced mischievously before he retreated behind the pillar, beginning a quiet game of hide-and-seek between strangers. And the woman laughed.

"For that little moment, it was some sense of relief for her," recalled Jed Selter, president and executive director of Caring Clowns International. When Selter's face is painted and his bubbly toed shoes laced he is known as Duffy the Clown, a master of balloon hats and comical gags.


clowns in the news
Clowns in the News: Cesar Valencia, Silvia Montejano, Erik Valencia, Marilyn Buenrostro and Angelica Montejano.

Calexico’s Mardi Gras & Beer Tasting
A Big Success

By: Staff Writer • • Mar 3, 2011

An enthusiastic crowd attended The Calexico Chamber of Commerce 11th Annual Mardi Gras and Beer Tasting Experience on Friday night at the Cultural Arts Center. Hildy Carrillo, the Executive Director of the Calexico Chamber of Commerce, explained that the event was started eleven years ago by Councilman Romero. It’s been a popular event in Calexico every year. It’s a Chamber fund raiser and all the money raised at the Mardi Gras is given back to the community in marketing and promotion for the city of Calexico. All of the vendors at the event were Chamber members.


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Clowns in the News: Colourful clowns ... still from the Kinemacolor film, Two Clowns (1906). Photograph: The Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton & Hove

All Things Brighton Beautiful:
The Story of Colour in Cinema

By: Henry K Miller • • Mar 2, 2011

The first thing you see on entering Capturing Colour is Loïe Fuller, or one of her imitators, performing the "Serpentine Dance" on the earliest kind of colour film, hand-tinted frame by frame. Fuller's act, which involved her whirling her silky costume about the stage of the Folies-Bergère with arms and sticks, while bathed in multi-coloured light, transfixed the poets, painters, and sculptors of fin-de-siècle Europe, who saw in the dance a return to the primitive and intuitive, a manifestation of "Art, nameless, radiant", as one of them had it.


clowns in the news
Clowns in the News:
Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet Black IPA

Beer of the Week:
Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet Black IPA

By: Karl Klockars • • Feb 25, 2011

The Black IPA is the hip, happening new thing when it comes to brewing styles, Massachussetts' Clown Shoes Brewery is the "new kid in town" of Chicago beer distribution and I'm the new guy (sorta) when it comes to Beers of the Week. Thusly, I thought we'd be best served by spending some of our weekend with "Hoppy Feet," the new black IPA from Clown Shoes.

Offerings from the Ipswich, MA brewer have only been in Chicago for a few weeks. We grabbed this bomber at Binnys for a respectable $6-and-change and it boasts grapefruit and pine in the hops profile with a nice malty, roasted chocolate backbone while not packing too much of a punch at only 7% ABV.


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Clowns in the News: Sassi Keegan has been clowning around since age 15

'Fun' Kids' Show Features Magic, Clowning

By: Staff Writer • • Feb 15, 2011

RUMFORD — Magic and clowning will take center stage when Scot Grassette and Sassi Keegan present their "fun Fun FUN" kids show at 49 Franklin music theater.

The 3 p.m. performance on Sunday, Feb. 20, features silly antics, ridiculous situations, magic and, of course, fun for children and adults of all ages.

Keegan has been clowning around in some form or another since age 15. After college, she moved to New York City to pursue an acting career and got a job on Wall Street to pay the bills. After the building she worked in was destroyed during the 9/11 attacks, she decided the world needed less executives and more clowns.


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