Creepy Circus Music

Creepy Circus Music is not the same as Scary Clown Music, although creepy or weird music is used in many scary (horror) movies.

Even music that isn't weird can give you the creeps in a horror movie. But Creepy Circus Music is exactly that - music that is readily recognized as being used under the big top but has been tweaked just enough to make it give you an anxious feeling rather than the anticipation of fun and excitement!

While researching for creepy clown music I was surprised at how much of this music genre has been created for the movies and is found on soundtracks like the one found on the recent movie Coraline with a song titled Mice Circus.

One quick Google search for creepy clown music and you will find an assortment of bands that have used the word clown in their name such as Insane Clown Posse. While this band may bring up a lot of search results it doesn't quite quench the thirst for creepy circus music.

The following is a list of songs by bands that have perfected the art of creating what some might consider to be Creepy Circus Music:


Twisted Circus of Horror Sounds!

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