Clown Site Favorites

During our research for All About Clowns, we came across about a bajillion websites that are related to clowning and, yes, we have some favorites!

Some are sites for specific clowns; others deal with clown types, history, costumes, supplies, and many other clown-related topics.

Although we thoroughly enjoyed most of them, we only picked a few that we could really call favorites.

Here are a few we really like:

Pat Cashin's Clown

Hospital ClownThis site is all about hospital clowning and has incredible stories of how clowns have touched lives in wonderfully intimate

Clown Ministry: A website dedicated to the history and performance of clowning, with an emphasis on clown ministry. Wonderful site with excellent information.

Clown Forum: A site for clowns of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. Learn from the best and help others by posting your experiences and clowning tips here.

Bump A Nose: A community for anyone involved in the art of clowning.

The mission of Bump a Nose is to LAUGH:

  • L - Learn from each other
  • A - Advance the positive image of clowning
  • U - Unite the global clown community
  • G - Grow the clowning community
  • H - Help the world heal with the power of laughter

Check it out at

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