Jester Costumes

Jester costumes have changed very little over the years: usually tight pants or leggings with a loose, blousy shirt, often with a zigzag hem and a hat with points to represent donkey ears!

Originally, jesters wore hats that had donkey ears and sometimes a tail, to symbolize an "asinine fool." That evolved into hats with three points. Today's hats range from an elf-style hat with one point to any various numbers of points - three still being the most common - and appropriate to represent the traditional jester. You'll find Mardi Gras costumes and mascot costumes, as well!

All About Clowns Jester Costumes

Deluxe Joker Playing Card Costume - Card Halloween Costumes

Deluxe Joker
Playing Card Costume

Play the fool and trump them all in this funny Joker costume! Includes the shirt printed in bright stripes and card suit emblems, mulitcolor pants, jester's hood and curly-toe shoe covers. Pair this up with a Queen of Hearts costume for a couples look that will have you laughing!
Includes shirt, hood, pants & shoe covers.

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Mardi Gras Jolly Jester Adult

Adult Mardi Gras Jolly Jester

You're sure to get the festivities off to a great start with this Mardi Gras Jolly Jester costume. Costume features a green and purple tunic, shoe covers with pom poms and elf hat. All three pieces are trimmed in gold and have jingle bell decorations.

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Mardi Gras Jester Sexy Costume - Mardi Gras Costumes

Sexy Mardi Gras Jester

This fun & colorful costume is made up of Mardi Gras colors — purple, green, & gold. You will be dressed in a soft skirt and corset top. Add your favorite shoes and a Feather Mask and you're ready for the costume party!

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Regal Jester Costume - Jester Costume

Regal Jester Costume

The Regal Jester Costume includes the cape in a myriad of bright colors with an attached purple and black hood, crowned by a classic Jester horn. Shirt, shoes & gloves not included.

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Plus Size Female Jester Costume - Renaissance and Jester Costumes

Plus Size Female
Jester/Renaissance Costume

Keep the King laughing in this classic Jester costume! Includes the dress, hat, belt and shoe covers. Stockings sold separately. Great for Mardi Gras or Renaissance festivals!

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Adult Renaissance King's Jester - Renaissance Costumes

Renaissance King's Jester

Includes: The King's Jester Adult Renaissance Costume includes the Renaissance Jester costume tunic & the jester's hat. All the World Loves to Laugh. The wand & hose are sold separately.

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Jingles the Jester Clown Costume - Clown Costumes

Jingles the Jester Clown

Jingles the Jester Clown Costume includes the shirt, pants and matching jester hat. Clown stick not included.

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Super Deluxe Standing Jester Prop - Halloween Decorations

Standing Jester Prop

This Super Deluxe Jester puppet has amazing and terrifying detail, is about 7 feet tall and comes with a stand.

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Parade Quality Jester Mascot Costume

Parade Quality
Jester Mascot Costume

Lead the parade in this fabulous Jester costume. This mascot costume, in gold green and purple consists of a large over-the-head mask with hat and boot covers. The hat is decorated with pom-poms and the masks of comedy and tragedy. One Size Fits All.

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All About Clowns - Jester Shoes All About Clowns - Jester ShoesAll About Clowns - Jester Accessories
Green Cloth Jester or Elf Shoes - Christmas Costume Accessories Adult Black Jester or Elf Shoe Covers - Costume Accessories Ladies Red Jester or Christmas Elf Shoes - Christmas Costume Accessories Court Jester Hat in Black and White - Jester Costumes

Cloth Jester or Elf Shoes
Available in Red, Green, Gold & Silver
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Adult Jester or Elf
Shoe Covers

Available in Black or Green
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Ladies Red Jester
or Christmas Elf Shoes

Microfiber boots with a curled toe and
3.5-inch heel and fringed cuffs.
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Court Jester Hat
Be dramatic and be funny in this black and white classic three-horned jester hat. The details in the panel sewing, red cording and jingle bell accents say you may be a joker, but you are serious about quality!
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Black And White Psycho Jester Cane - Halloween Costume Accessories Jester Skull Cane - Jester Costume Accessories Gold/Brown Jester Stick - Mardi Gras Costume accessories Deluxe Black and Gold Jester Mask - Renaissance or Mardi Gras Costume Accessories

Black & White Psycho Jester Cane
This Psycho Jester Cane or walking stick is black and white and would an excellent accessory to add to your Psycho Jester Costume!
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Jester Skull Cane
Jester Stick is approximately 38" in length and can add a sinister look to your jester costume.
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Gold Jester Stick
Jester Stick is 16 inches in length and features a topper in bright gold with a classic horned jester cap in textured gold lamé with an enigmatic painted face. Perfect for any classic Jester costume!
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Deluxe Black and Gold Jester Mask

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