Clown Make-Up

Clown Make-Up

What makes a clown recognizable?

A brightly colored costume and a painted face!

Auguste Clown
Kelly "Gidget" Casper
Evansville, IN

Throughout history, clowns have had limited resources for designing the look of their make-up. One clown might design a unique shaped eyebrow or muzzle to distinguish himself from another. Today the variety of products available allows unlimited possibilites for facial designs, from traditional basics to elaborate designs as seen in Cirque du Soleil.

Clowns should study pictures of professional clowns and their make-up to decide what "look" will best define their character. Experience is the best teacher, so it is wise to spend time in practicing the art of making up their faces. They should definitely strive for individuality and, before long, a personalized look will be established.

Clown face designs have evolved over the years to include a myriad of different looks but the basic styles for clown types remain the same.

Whiteface Application

Auguste Application

Tramp or Hobo/Bag Lady Application