Mascot Costumes

Mascot Costumes can help make any event a HUGE success! Whether you're representing a sports team or looking for a costume for Halloween, a mascot costume might just fill the bill!

A mascot is a character that represents a group of people - sports team, corporation, youth group, school, etc., and can be just about any type of creature under the sun - even human creatures!

The mascot not only represents the groups as a whole, it is supposed to bring luck to the group in their endeavors.

John Cawley as Tony the Tiger - Mascot Costumes

They are also used as marketing tools to promote products and services by various advertisers helps them build brand recognition.

You will probably recognize at least a few of these famous advertising mascots, including John Cawley as Tony the Tiger!:

Fruit Guys - Mascot Costumes AdWeek in NY - Mascot Costumes Pillsbury Doughboy - Mascot Costumes

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