Clown Pencil Puzzles

Pencil puzzles are the solution!

I suppose that only a clown would say, "A puzzle is the solution to your problem." But everyone loves a puzzle and you'll love these!

What is the problem?

  • How do I transition a group of kids from an active game to listening mode?

  • My child's outdoor birthday party got rained out! How do I entertain 12 kids indoors?

  • I need to fill in some time at a children's group get-together. How do I keep them busy?

Pencil puzzles are the solution!

Puzzles can solve a myriad of problems!

Here are a couple of clown puzzles to enjoy. Click on the picture of the puzzle for a printable PDF.

Get Clown Maze Puzzle Here!

Get Clown Wordsearch Puzzle Here!

For solutions to the puzzles, click here.

And for those of you who enjoy jigsaw puzzles, try this page.
You can select how many puzzle pieces you want, and even change the shape of the pieces.
This page takes a minute to load but Puzzle Freaks say it's well worth the time!

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