Pirates are scary people. They are sailors who are also robbers, dangerous scalawags who takes no heed of others' personal rights. They think only of themselves and you would be wise to steer clear of any you see, whether on land or at sea!



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Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Song And Chanteys

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Bedtime Stories For Pirates

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Pirates are...


Scared of Pirates!
Pirates are Dangerous!



I say pirates are clowns!

Let's look at the evidence...

Premier Rustic Pirate Costume - Pirate Costumes

They wear funny looking costumes, hats and wigs...

They wear make-up...

Seattle Seafair Pirates

They attend fun events like birthday parties & parades...

They play with toys and fun 'gadgets'...

Pirate & Parrot

...and their logo is the JOLLY Roger!

Jolly Roger

No doubt about it, I know a clown when I see one!

St Louis 028

Check out these clowns - er... pirates,
they are funny!

A pirate went to get his ears pierced yesterday at our local mall,
and you wouldn’t believe how much it cost…

It was a BUCC-AN-EER !!!


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