Skit Props & Equipment

The main thing to remember about props (short for properties) and equipment for clown skits is that they must be highly visible to the audience.

A pair of scissors, keys, a wallet and other accessories that clowns may carry must be larger than life.

A bottle must have a big label. A hot dog or a hamburger must be large enough to be recognized instantly. Lettering on signs or labels must be legible to the audience. And whatever you choose to use, be sure to hold it up where folks can see it!

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In clowning, nothing is left to the imagination:

The humor is obvious humor and equipment plays a big part in explaining the skit to the audience. Whether equipment is home-made in your own workshop, borrowed, or purchased, make sure that the audience can see it and identify it instantly.

For instructions on some simple skit properties like this old-fashioned telephone, click here.

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