Scary Clown Music

If we didn't include scary clown music, we would be leaving out an important part of the clown music picture.

Throughout history, music has always played an important part in the performer's role, no matter what or where his stage. You cannot watch TV, go to a haunted house, a movie, or a circus without music preparing your emotions for the act or scene that is beginning or about to come to a climax.

scary clown

Productions for both stage and screen, and the scary music scores that accompany them, have added to the rise of Coulrophobia, (the fear of clowns). Popular movies, like Stephen King's It and Batman: the Dark Knight, with characters like "Pennywise" and the "Joker" portray clown characters as evil. Those characters each have a certain 'theme' as their music throughout the production. As a result, when this theme music is heard, it elicits the same emotional response that was felt while watching the movie. And, if the movie was successful, that emotion was fear. The same goes for the appearance of the evil character dressed as a clown - the fearful emotion is elicited when a true clown is seen.

"Chance" (Joker Theme) from The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Great sound effects for clown skits!

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'scary' ringtone!

Haunted Halloween Ringtones – Scary Sounds and Halloween Music

Each time you hear the music, you experience the same emotions you felt during that specific theme. Of course this works with joyful and exciting music, too, but this is, after all, a scary music page!

Some of todays popular musical groups have portrayed clowns in a "less than positive" manner by their names, appearances and the music they perform. Sometimes it's not so much scary clown music as it is 'scary' lyrics. But if there wasn't a market for it, they wouldn't be succeeding, so here are a few of the musicians' names:

Of course there have been many more and will be more to come, but that is the nature of music.

Music is a pervasive influence and many of us probably don't realize just how large a part it plays in our lives. Recently I was playing a game on the Wii with my daughter and realized the music in the background was causing my heart to beat faster as I awaited the arrival of my arch enemy!

This list includes some popular scary clown music:

And since cell phone ringtones often sound as if they should be accompaniment for a clown, no list of scary clown music would be complete without scary ringtones for your cell phone.

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