Setting Clown Make-Up

Setting clown make-up - properly called "Powdering Down"- is an all-important part of finishing your facial make-up creation. The purpose of powdering is to "set" the make-up, to absorb excess moisture without leaving clumps of powder.

Setting your make-up with powder will also prevent the make-up from coming off while you perform! Here's how:

Using about a tablespoon of setting powder, gently rub the powder into your powder puff to distribute it evenly. Then firmly pat the powder puff on your face, pressing the powder gently into the make-up with each pat. Refill the puff as needed.

Another powdering procedure common today is to have a “powder sock.” Using a new white tube sock, fill with about a cup of talcum (baby) powder - no cornstarch. Tie a knot in the sock a few inches above the powder. Gently sprinkle powder over the face, then pat the make-up with the powder sock. Continue until all makeup is covered.(Store sock in a plastic zip-lock bag.)

Excess powder can be removed by very gently dusting away with a powder or complexion brush. Some clowns lightly rinse their faces to remove excess powder, then pat dry; others simply pat the make-up with a damp cloth to absorb the excess powder.

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