Clown Skits

All clown skits should look simple... and easy!

Like good tennis players, golfers, or experts in other sports, clowns must be so skilled that their acts look effortless.

It is not by accident, however, that clowns fall without hurting themselves, hit themselves and others without bodily harm, land safely in nets, hang from gymnastic apparatus, slide, teeter and tumble, all without injury. They may look awkward, and pantomime pain as part of their sketch, but they are skilled performers. This means that a clown must be trained and prepared.

A gymnastic clown, for example, should be a real gymnast - and a good one at that! Other clowns may not require intensive training like a gymnast, but they should take their roles seriously and study them carefully, perfecting actions and timing so that the success of the performance is guaranteed. Whether he has to memorize a few simple lines for a skit or perform a full physical routine, the clown should put on the best professional performance possible.

Are you ready to start thinking about what kind of props your clown character will use? Look here for more information on props and equipment.

And here's a fun sketch to get you started: Bubble Gum Boys

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